You won’t find another appraiser who can provide our unique combination of the highest quality jewelry appraisal services in the industry, the highest regard for customer convenience and confidentiality. All with an understanding that your gems mean more to you than their monetary value. This is our mission.

Specialty services categories:

• Insurance scheduling
• Trust and estate administration (IRS form 706)
• Liquidation
• Conservatorships
• Equitable distribution among heirs
• Collateral loans
• Divorce
• Charitable contribution tax deduction (IRS form 8283)
• Quality confirmation of new purchases
• Gemstone identification
• Lab report confirmation
• Damage reports including loss-of-value

Personalized service tailored to fit your needs:

• By appointment only for your privacy and security
• Same day on most items
• Can meet in our secure office or travel to your home, office, or bank vault
• Personal one-on-one service – you don’t speak to a sales associate,
you speak directly to the expert
• Expert witness

Onsite resources provide latest technology for best evaluation plus added value services you won’t get everywhere.

• State-of-the-art gemological lab with equipment for the most accurate
evaluation available
• Network of national and international specialized industry resources
• Access to latest market information for the most accurate reporting
• Microphotography for special services, imaging, fingerprint, photos

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